About Us

About Us

About Us

We are the second generation of a family business, born in 1979; dedicated to the real estate and construction industry, specialized in the design, creation planning and development of properties in countryside areas located in north of Morelos, Mexico and the commercialization of land and houses in a sustainable way.


We are a real state company that offers viable products, with legal certainty and affordable price (in all cases) we offer our non-bank direct credit and also accept all kinds of bank loans.


Marketing our products, by offering our final consumer a property in which not only acquires a “piece of land,” but a lifestyle; increasing its actual quality by  enjoying the space, environment climate, and panoramic surrounding with each option we have.

To achieve our misión we:

  • Provide legal certainty in all our products and services.
  • Preserve the environment by motivationg our teamwork and our clients.
  • Give advise and mentor at all times to our client so that all constructions are self-sustaining
  • Create and implemetn engaging programs to take care of our natural.

We can summarize in the following sentence ” Guarantee Real Estate”

Our motto

The meter of land can´t be burned or destroyed and if anything changes is only to increase its value ;because there it is since the beginning. The surface area is finite and limited, the overuse of natural resources is proportional to the population´s increase, nowadays that is a serious problem.

“Meter of land is the best investment that human wit has devised  since we are acquiring a piece of the world.”

Abraham Lincoln